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Reviews of Products and Services I Own or Have Used

These are reviews of things I purchased and or hired these service companies. I like to publish reviews if I am super excited or super sad about something. I post on Google, YELP, FB and other places but time to time they may get deleted or removed so I don't want to take chances. Keeping my reviews to myself.


I recently got a hold of some Moringa tea to try out. It's a caffeine free tea that will give you some energy boost.

This is the barber shop I've been going to for the past 5 years... It's a pleasure to get my hair cut here :)

I had the local Dr. Energy Saver give me a full blown home energy audit today.

Review of Chinese takeout places in Seymour, CT by Evan Islam from Basement Systems

One of the best adventure movies this year. Avatar rocks!

I got this product a week ago and writing a little review about the auto food tray.

Directed by Tony Scott. With Denzel Washington, John Travolta. I love this movie.

I'm just venting after few bad incidents with Bank of American

I had a Cuban Monte Cristo #2 cigar this weekend and it was GOOOOOD!!!

Larry compares several sump pumps to show which pump is the best for your basement or crawl space.

What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis gives you an insights out new era of the internet and how companies are transforming for the new tech era

Java Latte is very smooth coffee flavored cigar. One of the best flavored cigars made so far in the cigar world.

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