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Home Energy Audit in Naugatuck, CT

Well... finally I have done it... got me a home energy audit for my house in Naugatuck, CT.

I work for Dr. Energy Saver so it was a FREE audit for me :) love it...

It was actually a training session where 5 people came into my house for training and they did the blower door testing and they changed about 10 light bulbs to energy efficient lights for free. Oh yea, they also insulated the attic in many places... all part of the training, lol. They were there all day, so lot more was done... all for free :) chi ching!!!


Now that was just the free part... it turns out that I have plenty of leaks in my house, so I need to actually get spray foam insulation and also a new heating unit... that's going to cost some money... :(

lol you win some and then you loose some.
I spend about 600 bucks a month average on heating and cooling bills... so I need to think about coughing up the money and get it all done. Maybe I'll save some in the long run.