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More like WHY Hire Me? I have been building web sites since 1999 and got into SEO/SEM or marketing in 2006. I have built and marketed a dating site, home improvement contractors sites and even a site for Fortune 500 company site. As of this writing, I'm the SEO Manager at Pitney Bowes. But I am constantly working on the side on my personal web sites as well as for a few handpicked clients. Building and marketing sites are a passion of mine and that's why you should hire me. 

Take a look at a few web sites I have built and read some recommendations from clients.

Consultant vs. Agency vs. Hiring In-House

  Consultant (Me) Agency In-House
Cost per hour $100 $100-$300 $30-$60
Experience 11 years 1-15 years 1-5 years
Technology Yes Yes No
Face to face meetings Yes Yes Yes
Internal politics No Yes Yes
Horsepower Yes Yes No
Industry knowledge and stay up to date Yes Yes No
Apply learning from other sites/clients Yes Yes No
Long term commitment No Yes Yes
Use resource to do additional unrelated tasks No No Yes

Free Consultation

First of all, I only have a handful of clients. I pick and choose my projects and clients based on the likelihood of success. I am not sure if I'll be the right fit for you. But, let's chat for a few minutes and we will know right away if I am the right person to take on your project or not. I do know a lot of people in the online marketing world. If I can't help you, I can at least recommend some individuals who may be a better fit for your project. So, fill out my contact form and I'll give you a ring back ASAP.