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My friends on the web

This is 2009 and I believe everybody should have their own website, blog, or at least myspace or facebook account. Well this is my WEB BUDDY LIST. People with public profiles or a website :) Unfortunately, most people don't have a website :(

Farzana Kanak - Farzana apa is #1 on this list cause I created her site lol. She has a hot looking site ;) much work and effort went in building it, so visit it!

Richard Fencil - My Boss. Richard is the internet director at Basement Systems. He blog is all about ONLINE LEAD GENERATION. So, if you are into marketing and/or generating leads, check out his site.

Larry Janesky - The Ultimate Boss. He owns Basement Systems so gotta give a link to his blog.

Melissa Leigh Angeli - Melissa and I graduated together from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and then worked together at Tara Productions in Fort Lauderdale.

Jacques Bouchards - Jacques and I work together at Basement Systems. He is our content write for websites, blogs, newsletters etc... Very good at writing stuff that makes no sense to me.

Enamul Haque Moni - Moni and I met on the web via my site http://www.bangladesh-america.com/ and we have been good friends for around 5 years now. I met him in Bangladesh in 2005.

April Storm Tiddei - I have worked with April at Basement Systems. She is one of the finest graphic/web designers in CT. He touch is all over the Basement Systems dealer network web sites.

SEO Rabbit - This dude is our SEO specialist at Basement Systems. He is the connecticut SEO Expert.

SEO Services - Christina Cleri is a good friend of mine that offer SEO services in Connecticut, Texas, California, ummmm in USA.

Ron Canelli - Business and sales coach in Connecticut. Ron used to be the sales manager for Connecticut Basement Systems and now he coaches our dealer network on sales and business. 

David Gullotti - Christian Counseling Connecticut - David is the general manager at Connecticut Basement Systems