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I Sponsor Md. Rifat in Bangladesh

I was 12 years old when my family immigrated to the United States from Bangladesh and the fact that I am living the American dream means I won! It's my duty to somehow give back to the community I grew up in. Shapla Foundation is an organization I had created to allow others like me to give back to Bangladesh.

Currently, I am sponsoring Rifat who is a promising and hardworking 7 year old. Rifat's father paints houses. His income depends on the projects he gets. Usually, it doesn't pay much. So, his mother has to work as a maid to support their family of 7. However, it is not easy for them, especially in this time of inflation. With the increasing costs of everything, it is getting tougher for them to maintain their family.

I went to Bangladesh in October 2022 and met Rifat in person. He is as old as my youngest child so I automatically fell for him. His smile is really beautiful and I hope my sponsorship will go a long way helping him throughout his childhood.

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MD. Rifat from Mirpur
Rifat receiving a study desk
Rifat handing out documents for Diarrhea Awareness
Refiat received books from our caretaker
Rifat handing out fire safety awareness program