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I Sponsor Rabbi Hasan in Bangladesh

I was 12 years old when my family immigrated to the United States from Bangladesh and the fact that I am living the American dream means I won! It's my duty to somehow give back to the community I grew up in. Shapla Foundation is an organization I had created to allow others like me to give back to Bangladesh.

Currently, I am sponsoring Rabbi Hasan who is a promising and hardworking 18 year old. Rabbi's mother's, who is a garments worker, could not maintain her elder 2 children's education. She is currently covering the family's expenses and the education of the younger 2. Rabbi's father is not able to do any work because of his illness.

I hope to meet Rabbi in person one day and maybe I can somehow make an impact in his life. Donating money is one thing but if I can make a personal touch and guide him for the better, I am not sure if there is a better reward.

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Rabbi Hasan from Gazipur
Rabbi planting trees
Rabbi feed cow
Rabbi working on road safety
Rabbi in school uniform