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Internet Marketing and Web Design

I built my first HTML web site back in 1999. I had taken a HTML class at the Art Institute of Houston and got hooked on the web ever since. I wasn't into marketing back then, just built sites for fun and to show off my drawings to my friends. Plus back then having your own web site was a rare thing and I was one of the cool friends to have one.

Now, I'm more interested more in internet marketing than designing pretty web sites. Of course, a site has to be aesthetically pleasing, but it also has to generate traffic, sell products or services, provide valuable information and connect with visitors. The web has evolved a lot over the last decade and I believe I have grown a lot with it. I love SEO, SEM, Display, Email Marketing and all that has to do with bringing traffic to a site and converting that traffic into customers. Click to view some web sites I have developed and marketed.

Internet Marketiong and Web Design

Internet Marketing Article:

Importance of Title & H1 Tags

Importance of Title & H1 Tags

I deal with 250+ clients for whom I manage their websites. One common question I get asked when a client is trying to learn about SEO is "What is the 1 biggest thing you can do on a page to make a difference in SEO?" My answer is always the same. It's the Title and the Heading tags.

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