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SEO Site Development Platform

I have been working on this platform since 2013. When I started Central Station Marketing, I took 4 months to start developing this tool and have been continuing to work on it as of today. This is a never ending project as we keep adding so many cool features to make our lives easier.

We now call it: Jupiter Platform. It is designed by a webmaster for the lazy webmasters out there. I have developed sites in PhpBB, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and many other tools but found all of them to be very clunky and you have to know the tools in and out to keep up with change-logs. If you are making custom changes, then you are in real trouble. With Jupiter, all of that goes away.

No More Custom Development

I am now done with all the custom development. I have a team of people that has built me enough modules that I don't need to do a lot of custom development anymore. If you are a webmaster and managing only a handful of sites, then customize your code and do what you got to do. If you are a webmaster and has many sites, then customization can be a huge burden.

Jupiter platform makes it easy to manage hundreds of websites with proper SEO in place. You can build a site in the free platforms like WIX, Godaddy and Square Space, but good luck with proper technical SEO. They make it very easy with drag and drop plugins but no real SEO value. Our system is coded with search engines in mind and it works wonderfully. I still have clients from 2013 using my system and generating LEADS!!!

The slide on the right is from one of my clients, Dalworth Restoration.

Dalworth Restoration Leads Generation Slide

SEO Content Management System

Watch this video to see how flexible our software is and how easy it is to manage content on your site.