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Actually, I can't take credit for these sites. As the owner of Central Station Marketing, I now run a team of 40+ people in my web team and they are doing all the work. There was a time, when I was the only employee of the company, I had to do it all. But, I don't recall the last time I built or designed a site. My team in Bangladesh, American Best IT, does all the heavy lifting now.


I was involved at the very start of this company back in 2017 when Tom Casey decided to start Griffin. Starting with logo design to truck decals to the first website layout was a collaboration with our team and the owner.

Teasdale Fenton out of Cincinnati, OH is one of my bigger clients. They are very similar to Dalworth brands with multiple service lines.

My team and I manage all Dalworth Brands' digital marketing. We built separate sites for all divisions of the Brand.

I developed this web site for Sandra Long. Sandra coaches college students to help them find the right internship. She also works with employers and colleges.

Built a website to market small business mail machines or portage meters for Pitney Bowes SMB division. I built this site with SEO in mind to display how the main corporate site should be built.

I built my first site in 1999 on netfirms.com and bought my first domain in 2000. I went through archive.org to get some screen captures of my homepage's evolution. It's pretty cool to myself on how I have

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