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Dalworth Websites

I moved to Dallas back in 2013 and partnered with Dalworth owners to start Central Station Marketing. So, naturally, I get to build Dalworth sites. Dalworth has several business lines and I manage most of their digital marketing efforts.

Dalworth Restoration Truck

SEO Efforts and Lead Generation

Dalworth sites are probably some of my best performing sites as I spend a lot of time and energy on these sites. The restoration site generates more than 700 to 800 calls a month. More than 60% of the calls are generated through SEO. Many are through PPC and direct traffic. And a handful through Social Media.

Over the year, they had many different businesses or divisions that came and gone. My strategy is to create sites for individual service lines and add a lot of content to become an authority in that space. It's more work than usual but the lead counts are definitely higher.

Case Study

Check out the Dalworth Restoration lead generation case study we published in Central Station Marketing.

Dalworth Restoration Website Screenshot

Lead Conversion report