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Pitney Bowes Small Business

Pitney Bowes Small BusinessTitle: Small Business Postage Meter

I got hired at Pitney Bowes in March 2012. My challenge was to SEO the SMB section of the web site to rank for mail machine or postage meter related keywords. The challenge with Fortune 500 or and big companies are the layers of processes and internal politics that go into making any changes to the sites. Pitney Bowes has got it all. It takes weeks if not months to get stuff changed on the site. 

Some folks think SEO is content on the page or some meta tags and we are done. Unfortunately, SEO is much bigger than that and part of the overall internet marketing. I needed access to the entire site to be very effective but I got ONE section of the site which had a handful of pages. So, I had to build this site to prove how SEO works as well as improved conversion rate. 

I built the small business site on the side as I was managing the corporate site's content. I got separate hosting with Rackspace and put this site up within a few weeks. Site was launched in June and currently ranking very well for certain lucrative keywords. In fact, the site is outranking pb.com for certain keywords. More importantly, it's getting conversions!!!

This site also has some unique tracking features which is why advertising vendors love to send traffic to this site. In February 2013, the site had 300,000+ unique visitors. The phone number changes on the web site based on the source traffic as well as all the call to action buttons are tagged to track the originating source. Of course, the 300K visits are from lost of marketing campaigns as well... not just SEO.