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Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Restoration

Teasdale Fenton is very similar to Dalworth group of companies. They are a full service cleaning and restoration company with 40+ years in business with 100+ team members. I visited Cincinnati to sign them up as a client back in 2017 and they have been a fantastic client over the years.

Teasdale is Growing

I love working with Jim and Troy at Teasdale. They are in the growth mode. Recently they acquired a carpet cleaning company in Sarasota, Florida and now they are operating under the same Teasdale Fenton brand. In Sarasota, they are starting with just carpet & floor cleaning service. I am sure eventually they will offer restoration service as well.

Within a short amount of time, the Sarasota site is starting to rank and generate leads organically. We already have the content strategy, we just need to make the content unique for their new market. Of course, it will take time to be a power house business like the Cincinnati one, but this definitely has a lot of potential. Pretty excited to see where we can take this.

Screen Shots

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