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Shapla Foundation: Sponsor a Child in Bangladesh

Title: Sponsor a Child in Bangladesh

This is my latest and greatest project. This is a two years in the making project. Making of the web site didn't take long. Maybe a few months. The organization took a long time to be a success.

The site is designed in basic CSS and HTML. Pretty simple layout in green which is the color of Bangladesh. The back-end is created in a PHP-MySQL environment. The database if very light but extensive.

There are few user roles. Sponsors, care takers and admins. Sponsors can sponsor a child in very ease with recurring billing with paypal. Care takers log all expenses related a sponsored child and upload picture updates.

Currently, the site is build to sponsor children in Bangladesh. However, the database is structured in a way to expand to any nations in the world and also to sponsor any number of things other than children. Example: you can sponsor a tree, and old person, a farm, a house, a cow, etc. Pretty intense system :)

Visit Website - ShaplaFoundation.org

Shapla Foundation