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AvatarI saw Avatar today and I am very impressed with the movie. From what I understand, the movie's price tag was $750 Million. That's a lot of money for one movie. I guess when you are James Cameron and make hits like Alien, Terminator 2 and Titanic, you get unlimited budget. 

Well, I knew Mr. Cameron wouldn't make any junk movies so I had to see it. The graphics in the movie were just on another level. The creatures, the environment and all the details were just too real. Th flying banshees, the horses, the wild dogs were all very aggressive with very real movements. 

I also like the new kid on the block, Sam Worthington. He was in the Terminator 4 movie. The CG characters' emotions were captured very well.  

It's a must see movie. If you are not a big computer graphics action movie fan, you still need to see it because the story is very good as well. To me, the movie felt complete. 

I give it ALL FIVE STARS. I might go see it again in the big screens. GO SEE IT!!!