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Food and Drinks Tray for my Car

I drive an Audi A-4, so there are plenty of cup holders in the car. Two cup holders in the front and two cup holders in the back. Now, why the hell do I need more cup holders? Well, my rear cup holders are in the middle seat tucked away. When there are three people in the back, there are no cup holders. So, I thought I'd try this cool little car food tray cause it costs only 10 bucks. 

Food and Drink Tray for Cars

Looking at this picture you can tell that this product is coming from Asia. Well, I got the package from Singapore within 3 to 4 days.

Okay so, it's a small plastic tray with some nice hooks to hang behind the neck rest's metal poles. It has adjustable belts to tie it strong so it won't move. I'm surprised at how sturdy it is because after all, it's just thin plastic. I've seen those add-on cup holders in auto parts stores but this is different, you can actually place your sandwich on the tray, lol. 

Take a look at the installation picture below. Pretty smooth operation.

Car food tray installation drawing

I got the pictures from the manufacturer's web site. The product is from Budget Gadgets. They have some cool gadgets at CHEAP prices. I'm assuming they are cheap because most of the products are coming from China or other Asian countries. I don't complain, lol I like cheap products :)

Okay seriously, for only $10.34, you gotta admit, this is cool. On top of that, FREE SHIPPING, lol. I thought people make money on shipping costs. They are missing out. If you want to buy it, check out their web site:

I actually saw another tray like this which looks to be better but a little more expensive. Check it out:

Car laptop and food tray

Create your car into a portable mini office, lol. I think this one is slick. A car laptop tray, hahaha you gotta like this one.

 To view details of this product go here: 

Have fun...