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Best Chinese Restaurant in Seymour, CT (Dragon Kitchen)

I think I'm entitled to write a page on BEST Chinese restaurants in Seymour, cause I probably eat Chinese 3 times a week. Have been doing so since 2006. Of course, I probably put on extra 15 pounds because of that. So, I'm the local Chinese takeout expert, lol.

There are about 4 places I go to:

China House (by Stop and Shop) 84 Bank St. (203-881-0184)
Dragon Kitchen (Downtown) 5 1st Street (203-881-0256)
Hunan Wok (Next to Hot Grill) - 59 New Haven Road (203-881-5444)
Cheong Hing Kitchen (Oxford and Seymour line on 67) 225 West St. (203-888-1148)

Now, I've been to all these places and they are all pretty decent. The menu is pretty similar: General Tso, Lo Mein, Fried Rice, etc. However, some are more greasier then others. I think the greasiest of them all is Dragon Kitchen. So much that, Mmmmmmmm no wonder the food tastes so good.

Presentation and quality has to go to China House. They have revamped their interior with a nice lunch and dining experience. I like that :) Plus, they offer Susi. I hate that :(

Far as price goes, Dragon Kitchen wins the race. Cheaper by a dollar at least in most menu items.

Fastest Service: Dragon Kitchen. They say 10 minutes, but they are done in 8. I wonder what I'm eating...

Most importantly, Dragon Kitchen has the best HOT OIL in town. If you order fried rice or something spicy, ask for the HOT OIL. It's crushed dry pepper in oil. MmmmMmm SO Good!!!!

Overall in my opinion, Dragon Kitchen is the best Chinese takeout place in Seymour, CT. And I Approve This Message ;)