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Why Bank of America Sucks

I'm just venting cause I'm pissed off at Bank of America. I have been using Bank of America since 2002 and of course I have used them due to their excellent service and locations in every corner of the country. Shoot, I even have my mortgage with them. I give them my share of business to be pissed at their recent service screw ups.

So, I had this credit card with them for a while and sometimes last year I missed a payment or two. But the following month I double the payment to keep up. I had decent interest rate at about 12% or so... since I missed my payments my interest rate went to 34%.


So, I called them and of course, it is my fault. I used their money and I didn't pay it off on time so I deserved to get such high rate. That's how the banks make money otherwise why would they loan me money? I understand this... but I called to get a little break, so I asked if the interest rate could be lowered cause paying 34% on $3,000 or more is a bit aggressive. 

I am not sure of the name of the person who I talked to but she said, if I can continue to pay the minimum the rates would come down. So I pleaded my case that, the economy is bad, I'm having hard time paying these bills as is, can you give a little break. Of course, she is just an employee and doing her job in saying NO. So, I moved on cause I'm sure the fine print in the contract said that I'll get dicked over when I am unable to pay my bills. So, that part is clearly my fault. I'm not angry about that.

Then I've been thinking... is this how the system works? If you can't pay your bills, instead of giving you a break, I'll charge you higher interest rate so you have to pay more. It's good that you can't pay your bill, cause I get to make more money. Hmmmm... That's nice... talk about the poor getting poorer, lol. 

WHY DO BANKS STILL FAIL after this scenario? Seems to me, they should be making more money. Now I'm not an expert on this, so I don't know.


Fast track to tonight. I have been making good payments to finish off my credit card bill for Bank of America. Heck I've been making 7 times to 8 times the minimum amount to pay it off. I worked my butt off to pay my 34% interest rate to BOA. I happened to look at my statement today and it says my interest rate is at 27%. YAHOOOOOOOOO... I won... I lowered my interest rate by paying on time and paying more then I'm supposed to.

How many of you get that Benefit??? 34% to 27%... take that!!!

So last month I had 1,025.86 left on this card. I have made a payment of $1,025.86 to finish the bill and say adios. I log into my BOA online account and I see a charge of $17.08. WOW what happened???

I thought I finished paying the card off? Did I miss something? I paid 17.08 online right away to make sure I don't get more charges... So I called Bank of American tonight and talked to an account specialist name George. 

I explained what happened. I like to get my refund of $17.08. After making all the payments and paying high interests and all that, I deserve my $17.08 back. I can buy lunch and some candies with that amount. 

George says, "what? You owe us that amount because you have accrued some interests on the $1,025.86 because of the date the payment was made."

Okay George, I've made all my payments without much complaints and I just wanted to know why I was charged extra. 

Oh god, I said "extra". So I had to hear about how it's not extra and it's something I owed them and if i had paid my bills on time, I wouldn't be in this situation... in a very rude manner.

WOW. he said "If I had paid my bills off every month, I wouldn't be in this situation." Really George? Thanks for telling me that. If I paid my bills on time you wouldn't have a job to be snotty with me George. 

I just wanted to know why I was charged the $17.08. 

The reason I'm pissed is that I pay my dues and I get a smart ass account SPECIALIST to be rude with me. If it was this one time I'd say it's one person... but even a year ago when I called the lady I had to hear some crap.

I pay so much money into this bank, you'd think they can afford to hire some NICE people on the phone. Or maybe they hire idiots so that customers like me would get discouraged and never call them with any complaints. Either they are really stupid or very smart, lol. 

I can't believe he was talking to me in a manner that I wasted 30 minutes in writing this huge BANK OF AMERICAN SUCKS post. He pissed me off so bad it's not even funny. So, at the end I simply asked him for his name and I said thanks and I hung up. So, this time at least I have a name to be mad at. 

I still have my checking account with them and mortgage account with BOA. Hmmm I wonder what I'll do now :0, lol