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Monte Cristo Number 2Cuban Monte Cristo # 2 Cigar

Rick Cleri of Real Deal Technologies and I took a drive around new haven today talking about some search engine optimization crap. He has been talking about smoking some cigars for a while, so today we finally got around to it. He has a nice little humidor with veriety of Cuban and Dominican cigars.

He picked out a Cuban Cohiba Siglo IV and I decided to go with the Cuban Monte Cristo Numero Dos. The picture on the right is exactly what I had with the Havana label. I have had the same cigar (Dominican version) before but Cuban is Cuban. The Draw, the burn, the construction of the cigar was simply put: PERFECT!

My first puff was like, AM I SMOKING???? it was so smooth, and clean. It burned so evenly it's not even funny. Much credit goes to Rick for keeping the cigar in perfect humidity so it was very moist and yummy.

I think it took me about good 45 minutes to finish the entire cigar. I had the Siglo 6 before but I think I like the Monte Cristo is better. I say this now, untill I have another good cigar, lol. But as of today, this has to be one of the best cigars I had after Padron Aniversary 1926 Series. I'll write a review on that cigar one of these day.

So, if I was rating this cigar for Cigar Aficionado, I'd like to rate it at 94 out of 100. I highly recommend this cigar, lol if you can get your hand on it. Not sold in United States, but if you have some good connections, you can get it ;)

Also check out my other cigar reviews: Avo Number 2, Java Latte. Feel free to write me some comments on this cigar if you ever smoked one. Ciao!