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Java Latte Cigars by Drew Estate

Alright, what makes a cigar good cigar? There are tons of web sites with cigar ratings and what not, check some of them ratings out and they will explain what a good cigar is. How it's constructed, how it looks, how it tastes like nutty, how the wrapper is put together, yaddi yadda. Now, that stuff is for heavy duty cigar smokers... for those of us who smoke a cigar maybe once a month or so, we just smoke what we like... who cares about the rating stuff?

Java by Drew EstateOne cigar that makes me happy is Rocky Patel's Java cigars. MMmmmmMM mmmm it's a nice chocolate flavored yummy cigar. Java of course stands for Java coffee... I think the cigar is made with cocoa or expresso bean aromas. Which gives it the chocolatty flavor. Anyways, it's a great tasting cigar that burns evenly with a smooth draw. Love it.

My Favorite Java Cigar

I like the natural kind. They are very smooth and mild, very mellow, ahhhh. I found the maduros to be a lil too strong for me. If you like stronger cigars, then of course you will go for the maduros... either way, I don't think you can go wrong with Java. I wrote another review about Avo #2. I also love that cigar as it's smooth and mild.

Drew Estate makes mostly flavored cigars. Their most famous brand would be Acid Cigars. Check out their Java Cigar web page.

If you haven't smoke one of these cigars, I highly recommend you smoke one. If you don't like flavored cigars, then you might not like it... but hey, you should try something new once in a while.