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These are just some random blog articles I write on my spare time. If you are interested in submitting a guest blog to promote a product or service, contact me.

Collection of images relating to Twitter error page called the Twitter Fail Whale. See how creative people get over some error page from twitter :)

Stavros Flatley - Britain's Got Talent - Show 1 - Very fun show. Cool dance moves

New photos of my Treehouse work station. Did I mention that I work in a Treehouse?

Video from Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod | This video is powerful in showing statistics on our future.

Cool Japanese faceless led watch that tells time on the hand band.

Various web recognitions for the Treehouse project. Videos, Photo Galleries and Press Releases of the Treehouse

Basement Systems web department in Connecticut works in a Tree House the just looks too cool :)

Rare United States coin - a silver penny from 1998 - is it worth anything?

Groovy dance moves... Super Cool dance video :)

Local Fox news aired a segment on Basement Systems' creative Treehouse project for the web department.

Basement Systems web department in Connecticut works in a Tree House.

Basement Systems Secret Santa gift exchange at Basement Systems

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