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Treehouse logo created by AprilThe Treehouse Project

Basement Systems web department  is going through a change... a big change. In mid november, Larry Janesky, the owner decided to renovate the web department into a tree house. Ummm, what you say when the owner says that he will make you work in a treehouse? lol but all he said was it was going to be COOL and the best interior creative project in the nation.

We started on December 14th and the project is going to be complete on January 2nd. Now, that's fast building. We all knew it was going to be cool and the best because the boss said so, but we didn't know how cool it was going to be. Check out the video of the Treehouse on Fox 61 Connecticut. View the completed Treehouse project pictures.

Here are some pictures from The Treehouse Project:

First take a look at some before pictures of the department.

Before picture of the web department
We could sit 14 people in the department. The desks are big and takes up a lot of space... So the goal is to create 28 stations instead of 14 in the same space :)

Web department from the back
From the back of the department

Staging area for the Treehouse
Staging area for the Treehouse. Raw materials...

The project was done by all in-house employees. Either on the clock or on volunteer based. People have been working on this from 6am to 10pm everyday including weekends.

Ron Canelli working on Treehouse
Ron Canelli (Sales Manager) is a carpenter and helping out in the Treehouse.

Rob Card working on the treehouse
Rob Card (Total Basement Finishing) is also a carpenter.

April drawing tree on the wall
April Strom (Web Designer) is drawing a big tree on the wall which will be painted later...

Evan goofing around
Some of us just goof around too much instead of helping...

Owner of Basement Systems, Larry Janesky
The Boss, Owner of Basement Systems, Larry Janesky. He is the mastermind behind this project.

Kevin Munn recording everything
Kevin Munn video recording the entire action. He is the video dude of Basement Systems.

Jeff Weaver
Master Carpenter, Jeff Weaver, at work. He is in charge of all carpentry work and making sure everything looks good. Jeff kicks ass.

Treehouse in progress
Work in progress: looks like some part it is starting to look good :)

Mike Delmolino working in the Treehouse
CleanSpace Man, Mike Delmolino, working on the Treehouse.