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These are just some random blog articles I write on my spare time. If you are interested in submitting a guest blog to promote a product or service, contact me.

Dr. Energy Saver is a home energy audit franchise network. A new building is being remodeled to train franchisees and to house employees.

Got these pictures in an email... Mercedes Benz made with white gold.

The country alreadt struggles as is... and now an earthquake... please help!

If you are interested in a programming position in Seymour, Contact me.

Add me if you want to play HALO 3 Online :)

Basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair and basement finishing email campaigns by April Storm

Evan, Richard, Josh, Katherine and Scott in the Monster Mash Video by Jib Jab

Fortune cookie quotes from www.fortunecookiemessage.com are published in the book: Speed Reading for Dummies

Connecticut SEO competition between Evan Islam, SEO Rabbit and Real Deal Technologies

Photos from the yearly Basement Systems Convetion. Our guest speaker this yea was Nick Vujicic.

Funny animation by Jib Jab. Movie about super hero Barack Obama.

Collection of Michael Jackson Tattoos. People showing off the love for King of Pop, MJ.

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