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Fortune Cookie Quotes Published in Speed Reading for Dummies

I run a fun little site where I collect fortune cookie quotes from fortune cookies from various Chinese take out retaurants. Users also submits their cookie message in my site which now generates about 7,000 visitors a month.

Speed Reading for DummiesAbout 8 months back Richard from The Literacy Company contacted me about using some of the fortune cookie quotes in his upcoming book "Speed Reading for Dummies" book. Of course, I said YES and let him use the content of my site for FREE in return all I asked for is a mention of my site http://www.fortunecookiemessage.com/ in his book. I then had to sign some legal paper work for publishing rights and all that stuff.

8 months later the book is published and as promised Richard has included my web site in the book :) I'm so excited. I make a big deal out of it cause it's something I am very proud of: creating something worthy to be in a book!!! NOW, THAT'S HOT :)

Richard will send me a copy of the book autographed and everything. You can buy this book in Amazon.com. I'll write a review once I get the book and go through it.

Oh Yea... I have searched for "Fortune Cookie" in Google Books for the mention of my web site in the book and it's in section 6-3.

This site is also listed in WikiPedia's Fortune Cookie page. That's good credibility :) A big thank you to all who have submitted fortune cookies in the site and facebook fans :)