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Team Basement Systems Convention 2009

Every year we have a convention where dealers from all over USA, Canada and UK show up in Connecticut and have a blast for 4 days straight. Basement Systems is an unique company where the entire culture is educational, motivational and FUN!!!

This is my 4th convention and every year I say, "this year is the best" :) Actually this year was really the best, lol. Our guest speaker was Nick Vujicic who is a ball of inspiration. If you don't know who he is, check out the video below and see how powerful he is.

When you see this guy LIVE... you get the chills not because of who he is, but what he says and how he gives hope. At the end of the event, he gives every one a hug cause he is a hugging machine, lol. He is 26 and he is very successful. What's my excuse? What's yours?


Photos from Basement Systems Convention 2009

Of course, there were lots of cameras and tons of pictures were taken of dealers and Basement Systems folks. I'm only posting pics where I'm in the picture, lol... If you want to see all the pictures from the convention, we have created an archive in flick.com: Team Basement Systems Convention 2009 Picture.

Nick Vuijcic and Evan Islam
Nick Vujicic and I after his inspirational speech.

Evan Talking to Nick Vujicic
We were talking about his web site Life Without Limbs web site. How geeky right? talking about web, lol.

Evan Hugging Nick Vujicic
I'm hugging the Hagging Machine, Nick Vujicic.

Evan before Nick's Speech
Before Nick's Speech

Evan and Rob Card as Capt. Morgan
Goofing off... Captain Morgan: Rob Card of Total Basement Finishing of Connecticut and Evan Islam

Heather Rocher and Evan Islam
This beautiful girl is the driver of the race car behind us. We are a proud sponsor of Heather DesRochers.

Team Basement Systems Web and Marketing
This is Friday night party at the Convention Center. From left: Katherine, Francine, Martin, Jennifer, Wendy and her up coming baby, Josh, April and Evan.

Evan Uday and Prarthana
I'm advertising Mentos, the fresh maker. I don't know why Uday is screaming behind me and Prarthana got caught off guard.