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Twitter Fail Whale

Okay, I don't know how many of you have gotten the error page from twitter, but if you have received it before, then you'll appriciate this page. here is a little article on the story of the fail whale.

These are just a collection of images from the web of Twitter's Fail Whale :) hope you like em.

Twitter Fail Whale
The famous busy page. now lets see how creative people got over an over capacity page...

Twitter Fail Whale Art
This is nice... looks like a 3d sculpture

Twitter Fail Whale Tatto
Yes, this is a twitter whale tattoo... how geeky is that?

Twitter Fail Whale Tatto
lol another nerd with a tattoo of a failure page. The color on this tattoo is nice.

Twitter Fail Whale Copy
lol someone having fun... executive style

Twitter Fail Whale Homer Simpson
Hahaha of course... Homer had to get involved

Twitter Fail Whale Bakary
OMG, what the hell is that? A Twitter Cake?

Twitter Fail Whale Fashion
Oh yea, Twitter fashion statement

Twitter Fail Whale Cake
Happy birthday, Twitter :)

Twitter Fail Whale Neckless
Of course, BLING BLING!

Looks like a newspaper cartoon. 

Really??? Gmail failing too?

12 Ounce Drink??? lol ummm I think this is just a art to show how Twitter is addicting like alcohol.

Painting of Twitter Fail Whale
Very nice painting of TFW. Don't know who the artist is :(

Michael Jackson Fail Whale
Michael Jackson Fail Whale, lol

Face Painting of Twitter Fail Whale
As long as it's not a tattoo

Twitter Fail Whale Pumpkin
Happy Halloween


lol these are some fun images... These show the power of twitter and how it's taking over our culture. When people make a big deal about an error page, it's gotta be something good :) If you come accross some cool images, please post the URL in my comment box and I'll add to this page.