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The Treehouse Project Completed

After good 3 weeks of labor, the Treehouse is ready for the web team to move in. In my last blog about this project, I have displayed some pictures on Making the Treehouse. Now I have some pictures of the completed project. Well, there are still some minor stuff to add and fix, but it's 95% complete. We have room for 28 people in our creative Treehouse. Currently, we have 16 people working in the department.

Looking at the completed Treehouse
Still some minor work being done but most of it is complete.

Eagle's Nest
Eagle's Nest - this is the corner most station.

Looking from the Eagle's Nest
Looking at the department from the Eagle's nest.

The Cockpit
The Cockpit - This is where Todd and I sit... I'm on the top left and Todd on the right.

The Woodpile
The Woodpile where Martin (Left) and Josh are sitting... Some nice detailed work were done to this station.