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Pictures from FOBANA 2009 with Habib Wahid

I went to Houston, TX for the long 4th of July weekend to attend FOBANA 2009. It was great going back to the hometown and meet family and friends. The entire FOBANA was great too.

He had Habib Wahid, a popular artist in Bangladesh, come to Houston to perform on the last day of FOBANA. I was with Allen Alam, the owner of home security company in Houston, who sponsored Habib to come to USA. So I was pretty much hanging around with the Rock Stars the entire weekend. It was great, cause at the end, they are just normal folks. Very down to earth, nice people. They say stupid things just like you and I would, lol so I don't know what the big deal is.

Evan Islam and Habib Wahid
Me and Habib at the KROGER perking lot on Buffalo Speedway.

Shohag and Habib Wahid
My cousin Shohag and Habib Wahid in front of his SUV.

I actually have lot more pictures coming... I'll add them pretty soon.