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These are just some random blog articles I write on my spare time. If you are interested in submitting a guest blog to promote a product or service, contact me.

Pictures From Hunting Trip in Upstate NY Near Rome, NY
More pictures from the hunting trip in Upstate NY. Pictures of me and the boys shooting rifle at a target.

More Pictures from Weekend at The Crooked Cabin in Upstate NY
Pictures from my hunting trip to Upstate NY near Rome, NY

Weekend at The Crooked Cabin in Upstate NY
Hunting trip at Florence, NY near Rome, NY. Just a vacation with some guys at work.

Rare Poker Hand when playing Facebook Poker
Rare poker hand when I was playing Texas Hold'em Poker in

Testimonial for Search Engine Expert Bruce Clay
Bruce Clay helped me understand what search engine is and how to optimize for it.

Basement Basement Systems Helping Flood Victims in Wisconsin
Badger Basement Systems helping the people effected in flood 2008 by letting the community borrow 100 sump pumps.

Fortune Cookie Message Website Created by Evan
I have just created fortune cookie website. check it out...

Pictures from Evan's Boston Trip in 2007
Photos of Evan, Nevan, Rana, Shoshan, Nevan and other friends from Boston Trip

Pictures from our Disney Vacation in Orlando in April 2008
Vacation Pictures of Evan in Disney World Orlando and Universal Studios Orlando

Dynamic RSS Feeds Created by Evan Islam
I have created my first ever dynamic RSS Feeds

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