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These are just some random blog articles I write on my spare time. If you are interested in submitting a guest blog to promote a product or service, contact me.

Hiking Trip to Southford Falls | Southbury, CTHiking Trip to Southford Falls | Southbury, CT
Details on the hiking trip to Southford Falls on April 29th, 2011.

Hiking Trip to Caleb's Peak in Kent, Connecticut
Details on the hiking trip to Caleb's Peak on April 23rd, 2011.

What Does Google Suggest When You Search For...What Does Google Suggest When You Search For...
This is fun. Type in a search query on Google to get it's suggestions based on trends.

Beautiful Tulip Farm Pictures of The NetherlandsBeautiful Tulip Farm Pictures of The Netherlands
I was blown away when I saw this post on my Google Buzz. Beautifully organized tulip farms.

Learning about Radon Mitigation from the Radon Expert
Just recently, I went through one of the radon mitigation class with Curt Drew from National Radon Defense company.

Funny Adult Joke: Escaped Prisoner Robbing a Couple
A couple being robbed by a escaped prisoner in the bed room, lol funny joke from a forwarded email.

Pick Up Line Rebuttles, Comebacks, Rejections or Responses
List of popular pick up lines by guys and rejections by gals. Pretty funny.

Sump Pump Reviews: Zoeller Pump vs 7 Other Sump Pumps for Basements
Videos of basement sump pump reviews by Basement Systems owner Larry Janesky.

Hiking Trip to Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire (in Pictures)
Mt. Monadnock is the most climed mountain in North American.

How to save water every time you flush the toilet with a 2 litter soda bottle
Water conservation the old fashion way. I save 2 litter water with every flush.

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