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Save water every time you flush the toilet with a 2 litter soda bottle

I've read a book on home energy savings and decided to do my part to save the world from energy chaos. I got me a home energy audit done to my house and working to make my home more energy efficient. This is a simple improvement and anyone can do this. 

First, take a look at the toilet tank. Mine is pretty big. Though, I'm not sure how much water this tank holds, but I feel better knowing that I'm saving 2 litter water every time I flush the toilet.

Soda bottle to conserve water on toilet flush

I just filled a 2 litter Sprite bottle and placed in the toilet tank. Pretty simple right? Some people may even place bricks or rocks in the tank for water conservation.

This will not make a dent on your water bill, but still... it just feels so good to do something as little as this :)