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Microsoft Office 2010 Beta for Free Download

Ummm I'm not sure what's going on, but it looks like Microsoft is giving away their prized software package, Office Suite, for FREE. It's true, cause I'm using it now :)

Microsoft Office 2010 LogoI downloaded the software this week and so far I'm pretty impressed with it. I love the new Office Outlook. This new Outlook is 5 times better then the last version and I think I like it. It keeps the emails in a chain (keeps the history together). Also the calendar, and task is handled much better in the new version.

Excel and Office are also have tons of new features. One thing that I see being a problem is that MS has too many controls in one place. It could be too much to handle for novice users.

Okay so, here is the link to download the FREE beta version of the Office Suite.


You MUST use Internet Explorer to download the software. Don't even try it on Chrome or FF...

I still can't believe it's FREE!!!