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Halloween 2007 at Basement Systems, Inc

Day 31 of the 10th month is always an exciting day. This year, just like any other year, employees at Basement Systems dressed up for Halloween. We had a contest for best costume and I'll start with the winner:


Red Neck Woman Snow White
Red Neck Country Gal took the 1st prize. OMG this was the best. lol she had the black teeth the dog, the gun, tattoos and everything... most creative. Show White got 2nd. Lol elegant snow white costume. No need to say anything else.
Web Team Web Team
Web Team won the honorary mention. Josh (W), Richard (E) and me (B). Richard came up with the idea from watching an OLD-SKOOL tv commercial about CREST TOOTHPASTE and Cavity Creeps... lol some thought we were revenge of the nerds


Beat-up Soccer Player

Mardi Graw

Baseball Player




I Love Lucy

Someone from some scary movie, I don't know


Here are few more images from the halloween costume contest. It was FUN!!!

WebsiteWhen I went to the office, I dressed up our Intranet (Dealers Only Sections of our website) with Halloween colors. All of our dealers that log into our site on Halloween, they will get a spooky greeting :)

It's fair to say that we have fun at work!