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I love connecticut because of Fall season with colorful trees...

Being Raised in Texas and Florida, never got to see trees look so beautiful... I have some pictures to autumn trees in Canada... man those look good... Connecticut has some beautiful land covered with trees such as this.

My house
When I get out of the house, this is what I see? I love this tree. So colorful, lol I can sit on the porch and watch the leaves make their way on to the ground...

Leaves on the ground

Leaves on the Ground

The Following pictures are from taken as I was driving... These pictures dodn't show what I see. It looks much better when you are driving and enjoying the view.
Route 8

Route 8

Freeway 8

Route 8

Road to work... Seymour Valley of Connecticut
Back Roads of Connecticut

Country Road

These are from the Office where I work. These images are the back side of the Basement Systems buiding. What a view, eh!
View from the Office

View from the office

Just love em :)