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My Christmas Vacation in Cancun, Mexico with Quality 1st Basement Systems

On December 6th, Bob Cherry from Quality 1st Basement Systems calls me and ask me to go to Cancun with their company on the 8th. Lol, ummm I was like, ????? I didn't even know where my passport was, but somehow I made it. I made the trip on Saturday.

It was Awsome :) I am one of the webmasters for our New Jersey basement waterproofing company, Quality 1st Basement Systems, so they decided to take me when someone couldn't make it. I have worked on their new york location website recently which came out real nice :) It was very unexpected and nice of them to take me along for a joy ride. We were just relaxing and partying everyday and night for the next 4 days. Took lots of pictures to post here. Well, some pictures were not to be shown anywhere, but still, took bunch of them.

On our way back to the airport, I think I left the camera in the Bus :( Too bad. I'll have to see if the other people that took pix will share some pics with me.

Anyways, if you ever visit Cancun, get on the Jungle Tour. It's a boat ride where you drive (2 people per boat) through some cool narrow marsh land to the coral reefs. VERY COOL!!! Also would recommend "Senor Frogs" and "Coco Bongo" clubs :)