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Basement Systems wins several awards in 2007 Connecticut BBB Annual Meeting and Award Banquet

Well, as one of the webmasters at Basement Systems, I'm proud to announce that we have create an award winning product :) We are now the official winner of 2007 BBB "Website Marketing Message" award in the category of 10-49 employees. We had a nice banquet on 11/08/2007 and food was AWSOME!

We have won the award for some cool stuffs happening at http://www.basementsystems.com/
Example: consumer education, some very unique and cool functionality, site being user friendly, changing content based on user behavior on the website, protecting privacy of consumers and extranet that is packed with cool features. At the end, Basement Systems website KICKS ASS!!!

Basement Systems wins the BBB Web Marketing award in 2007
From left: Dan (Director of Marketing), Larry Janesky(Owner of Basement Systems), Connecticut BBB President(Paulette Hutton) and Evan Islam(Web Geek).

The blue folder I'm holding is the Citation from Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. WOW, huh!

We have also been recognized for a few more awards one being "CT Torch Award" for Marketplace Ethics. Actually we got the honorable Mention for that. 20 years of perticipation with Connecticut BBB.

Our company is very active in the local communities and highly respected by most organizations in Connecticut. It feels good to be a part of something big :)