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Clamming for Clam Chowder Cook Off 2007

At Basement Systems, we have a few unique events. The last Friday of the year is the Cook Off event where Basement Systems employees bring in a special dish and other employees vote for a winner.

This year's theme was Clam Chowder. Ed Canelli, one of our top Connecticut Salesman, decided to take me along for fresh clamming :) So, Friday morning at 5:00 am, we go to Westport, CT and wait for the sunrise and the sand bar to appear. Temperature is not too cold however, the water was FREAKING cold. I don't do things like this, so I went in the water with regular shoes and jeans. With in seconds of being in the water, my feet were numb, lol it was FREAKING COLD. When we made it to the sand bar, I was fine and dug up clams for about an hour.

My shoes are all wet, and at this point I can't feel my feet

The picture says it all... we had lots of clams and Ed won the cook off for Best Clam Chowder with "FRESH CLAMS" :)