SEO Service by Evan Islam

SEO is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies and this is a MUST HAVE for your website. Of course, there are plenty of companies out there who can SEO your website, so, why hire me?

SEO Experience:

SEO-Search Engine OptimizationsI've started my SEO journey at Basement Systems. When I started at Basement Systems in 2006, my boss just took on the SEO responsibility for I have been very fortunate to work for a leader who gave me the opportunity to learn, grow and become the best at my trade. In 2012, when I left the company, there were 42 team members in the internet department. That's a significant growth and SEO was at the center of our success. We optimized 170+ domains and we generated enough revenue to support our growth.

Of course, SEO is just a medium to generate traffic and brand awareness, ultimately, it's the conversions that count. Leads are the heart and soul of home improvement contractors. We have directly helped grow many of the dealerships in the Basement Systems network. We have even generated enough leads during the recession to keep most of the local contractors in business.

In early 2012, I have joined Pitney Bowes as their SEO Manager. I just wanted the Fortune 500 plus eCommerce experience. Well, this was a challenge. It's a massive company with lots of checks and balances which is expected. But to get anything changed on the web site was another story. That being said, I have helped rebuild the small business section within I have also build a separate small business site on the side which also ranks very well in SERP (search engine result page).

Approach to SEO:

Do you get those pesky SEO companies calling you say they can get your site to rank in top 3 results very fast? Don't fall for it. SEO really is very simple but it's not easy as 1 2 3. It's time consuming and requires you to think as the consumer. DO NOT build a web site for the search engine crawler. Build it for users with search engine crawlers in mind. SEO is mostly common sense web site building with proper HTML markup and good usability.

SEO Examples:

Check out the web design section to see all the sites I have built. Most of the sites were built with SEO in mind. And of course, most of them rank pretty well in the search engines.