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Sketches and Drawings

These are some of the images I have drawn over the years... Mostly from school days as I don't draw much anymore. I thinkĀ I like drawing animals more then anything else...

Happy 20th Birthday by Evan Islam. 20 Roses drawin freehand in photoshop

Drawings by Evan Islam - American Jaguar

Drawing of an elephant in black ink. Trying to be a bit creative...

Sketching and Painting of a Rocky Shore by Evan Islam

Bengal tiger and tiger cub drawing done in red and black ink by Evan Islam... Animal Study

Mickey Mouse drawn in pencil by Evan Islam

Dinosaur painting done in Photoshop by Evan Islam

Sketch of a horse | Drawings and Sketches of Evan Islam

Composition - drawing of 4 eagles in one harmony. Colored in prisma color pencils

Animal study - close up of snake head drawin in green and black ink

Animal study - dragon fly drawing done in green ink. Detailed drawing of dragon fly wings.

Drawings and Sketches of Evan Islam

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