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What I Like About Internet Jobs

I have been listening to a tape program called Top Performance by Zig Ziglar and there is a section about what you like about you job. That got me thinking about the internet jobs in general and how far our work life has come over the years.

I've been working at Basement Systems for almost 4 years now as one of the webmasters of the company. We have been very successful in the web department where we now have over 20 people working in the web department of a basement repair company. Now, that's cool.

Today is Saturday. I'm at the office planning on doing some work work and personal work. What does this have to do with the title of this page? I'll tell you... I can read an email message at home, do some work, go to sleep and then come to work and follow up on that. I really appreciate that and what other field can you do this in? 

Web files are generally saved on a server which lives in the SKY somewhere and you pull down the files you are working on from anywhere with FTP and internet connection. Of course, you have to like what you do for this to make sense otherwise, why would you work on Saturdays??? 

Say you were a doctor, mechanic, or lawyer. Let's face it as a doctor, you can't operate on the same patient at your house and at the hospital. As a mechanic you won't work on the same car from your house and then from work garage. As a lawyer, you may not get all legal documents to come with you to your house. So on.. and so on... Which is OKAY... you just stay late hours and get the jobs done. Where as I can access my work from my house at anytime. 

It's the internet, email technology and servers make connecting to your personal and work life smoothly. You may be one of those people who thinks it's a bad idea to connect your personal life and work life together. If you are then I got a piece of advise for you; get a new job that you LIKE.

Technology is making our lives so much easier and transparent, it's not even funny. Rather then fighting it, get with the flow and use it to your advantage. Currently, internet jobs allow us to be more flexible in the way we work and from where we work.

I love my internet job :)