Evolution of My Homepage Over the Years

I added this page for myself. I've redesigned my site a few times over the years and I now wish I had kept the templates to tell myself on how my skills have grown over the years. These screenshots below are taken from archive.org.

April 2013

What you see is what you get. The site you are viewing now is the latest of course. CSS driven cusom site that's built with SEO in mind.

December 2007

For 2007, this was a pretty cool design. I was getting into CSS and this was my first attempt at a unified CSS file and updating content through a CMS. I built the CMS from scratch and all content, navigation, header, footer, and everything else was managed through the system.

Evanislam.com Screen Shot from 2007

June 2003

This site was done in Frames. Maybe that's why the screen shot didn't do a good job capturing all the content and design elements. This functioned well though. Frames were a big thing back then because you can keep all navigational items, header footer same across the platrom with one file. 

I didn't know how to build sites in PHP back then and wasn't introduced to the concept of "include". My header was done in Flash for cool animation.

www.evandaeman.com - 2003

August 2002

This was done pretty well for 2002. I wanted to have a site that had timely updates and stuff. But the problem was, I was manually adding the date sensitive content and databases weren't a option then for me. 

www.evandaeman.com 2002

July 2001

Wow, this was my first redeisgn of my site. I had learned to use tables and colors. For 2001, this had to be one of the best looking personal sites ;) I even had a cool Flash banner as the header. Flash was the newest and hottest thing around back then. 

www.evandaeman.com 2001

December 2000

Ahh, my first site ever. As you can see it's just a basic text on a page. Of course, the site had some rotating gif animations, under construction signs, email icons and other fun stuff. It was cheezy but at least I had a web site. 

www.evandaeman.com 2000