Web Sites Designed and Scripted by Evan Islam

Currently, I'm an internet marketing professional at a fortune 500 company, Pitney Bowes, Inc. I'm constantly working on other sites during nights and weekends when I'm not playing Halo 4. Below are some of the sites I have worked on over the years. 

TaraProductions.com Created by Evan IslamTaraProductions.com Created by Evan Islam
Web Portfolio of Evan Islam - Example of sites I have created over the years...

Bangladesh-America.com Created by Evan IslamBangladesh-America.com Created by Evan Islam
Bangladesh-America website create by Evan | site designed for bangladesh audience

AmericanBestSecurity.com - Website Created by Evan IslamAmericanBestSecurity.com - Website Created by Evan Islam
Home Security Website based out of Houston, TX. The enter site is created using dynamic redirects and functions

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