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SEO Tool: What if my site ranked #1 on search engines?

With a lot of help from a friend, Vedran Tomic, I set up a script to get an answer to a question on many people's mind... What would I get if my site ranked number 1 in google or other search engines?

This neat little tool will give you a very close idea on what you are missing out on by not being ranked #1 in search engines. We all want to have our sites rank #1 for our industry keywords but most of us fail to do so. We all know that #1 spots gives us the best bang in the search engines... but how much???

Enter the following data:
Keyword: Enter any keyword you SEO for.
Present Rank: Do a search on that keyword and type in the position you currently rank.
Present Traffic: Look at your analytics/stats and enter how many unique visitors you get for that keyword. (in google analytics: you can see traffic for individual keywords)
Conversion Rate: What is your conversion rate for the site? (keyword conversion rate would be better)
Conversion Value: How much is that conversion worth to you?