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iEatery Online Ordering System

iEatery is a product designed to help small restaurant owners get the same advantage as large restaurant chains. Large restaurants have their own online ordering systems and small restaurant owners can't afford to build their own. So iEatery comes in as a platform to help the lil' guys have the same advantage.

Delivery platforms such as UberEats, DoorDash and Grubhub charges anywhere from 15% to 35% of order value which drains all profit out of restaurant owners' pockets. iEatery charges a flat $30/month and the restaurant can get unlimited orders without paying any commission.

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Operation in Bangladesh.

Originally we started marketing iEatery in USA and found out very quickly that we have a lot of competition and it was going to be very costly. So we decided to run the operation in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Along with online ordering system we now build and develop websites as well. This gives a full solutions to restaurants that are trying to develop their brand and market it directly themselves. We give restaurant owners full control of their digital marketing strategy.