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Secret Santa at Basement Systems

Every year Basement Systems employees do the Secret Santa thingi and this year no different. Actually, this year, it was cool because I got the best present every. This is how it works: I put my name on a card that says "I'm buying gift for __________ and he/she would like ___________ as gift from Santa." So, I have to fill out the form with my name and my wanted present and put it in a box by a given date. All employees that submitted their cards get to choose one card of someone else... bla bla bla I think most people know how this works...

So anyways, I asked for Chocolate Chip Cookies and Scratch off tickets from Santa and boy did my wish come true. I got exactly that with a beautiful presentation. Here are some pics from the Secret Santa day:

Employees of Basement Systems excited for Secret Santa
Employees getting their presets...

Evan excited about present
Goofing around... Yea I'm excited to see if I really for my cookies...

Wish come true
Ahhhh... so I asked for Chocolate Chip Cookies and Scratch Offs... and this is what I get... A giant Chocolate Chip Cookie with Lottery Ticket on it, lol how cool is that???

Close up of Cookie with Lottery Ticket
Close up picture of the cool cookie. The bakery scanned the lottery ticket and crafted the image on the cookie with frostings that are safe to eat... Just like custom birthday cakes :)

Secret Santa event at Basement Systems
And I'm showing off my wonderful artistic cookie.

Later I found out that my Secret Santa was Flip Plancon from Dealer Support department. Thanks Flip for a thoughtful gift :)