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Iron Man Movie PosterEvan's Movie Review: Iron Man

COOL! Just a cool movie. I enjoyed this movie a lot. If you like the cartoons or the comics, you gotta love this movie. Visual effects were awsome and the story was pretty good.

I didn't think Rober Downey, JR. would pull it off, but boy was I wrong? He was fantastic and Jeff Bridges of course is always superv. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you MUST SEE IT. This is probably the best movie I've seen after 300 which was another HOT HOT HOT movie :)

The official Iron Man website is nice but too slow to load. I have seen other flash sites just as big load much faster... if you don't have high speed internet, don't bother going to their website. But if you have good connection, check it out. Lots of good photos and clips.


Iron Man rocks. Can't wait for the 2nd one... I'm sure they'll make another one soon.