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Evan's Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullWhen I went to see Indiana Jones, I didn't have high hopes. I'm a big fan of the previous Indiana Jones movies and thought that Hollywood is making another movie with old storyline to make some cash. Of course, seeing how it was directed by Steven Spielberg, it couldn't be that bad. He would never direct a class B movie.

I was right. When the movie started, it seemed a bit cheesy but as the movie continued, it got GOOD!!! Of course it's a bit cheesy sometimes, cause I realized it's a fantasy movie. it was great. The story was flowing nicely and kept harrison ford real to his age.

I'm a big Shia LeBeouf fan now. He can really pull off a character. He is the next big blockbuster like Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise... at least that's what I think.

Overall, it was a GOOD MOVIE. Go see it :)

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