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Postage Meters for Small Businesses

Now that I have couple of cigar stores in Connecticut, I send out quiet a few snail mails. Mostly marketing promotions, orders, invoices, bills, etc. Stamp cost just keeps going up. Sure it's only $.45 or whatever, but when you send more than 500 mails a month, it will start to add up.

Postage MeterSo, I decided that I need to print my own postage stamps if it's more convenient and cheaper than going to the post office. After some Googling, I got exposed to the world of postage meter machines. I actually didn't know till recently that I could print stamps in my own stores and avoid the lines at the post office.

I got me a Mail Station 2 - Digital Mailing Machine from Pitney Bowes. This thing comes with a computer software where you can refill postage and order supplies. Of course, these machines are certified by the USPS so your mail will reach the destination without any problems.

This machine has a built in scale to calculate correct postage amount. Pitney Bowes also has an Online Postage product for shipping packages and stuff. It very convenient because I have to ship lot of online orders that I get throught Brand Cigars web site.

Anyways, if you are looking to save time at the post office and save some money at the same time, look into the postage meter solution. It's worth it. Click to get a FREE 60-day trial on the digital postage meter machine.

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