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Hop Brook Lake Trails in Naugatuck, CT

Hello Team Basement Systems,

We had a great time at Southford Falls trail a week ago and we want to do another walk this Thursday. This time we will go to Hop Brook Lake in Naugatuck. Since many folks don't want to go on Fridays (specially on Friday the 13th), we decided to do it on Thursday. Anyone who works at Basement Systems or affiliated with it can join us :)

Hop Brook Lake TrailHop Brook Lake is pretty close, so we will leave the office at 5:00pm and be there by 5:30pm. There are several trails and we should be done in a 2 hours. It will still be light out.

It's got a few hills to hike, so it will be a very good workout. Please let Karen know that you are coming. There is a $4 parking charge at the park. But I think it's free after 4:30pm. I think. There is a off season parking lot which is free. We can park there.

This will be fun :)

If you have facebook, click here to attend.

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