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October 2022 Team Visit in Bangladesh

Central Station Marketing has been in Business since 2013 and we have grown our small venture into 300+ active clients in North America. Of course, it's very hard to manage all of our clients without proper tools/products, processes and most importantly, people. We are as good as the team we build. 

Along with our 20+ team members in USA, we now have 90+ team members in Bangladesh. As the teams continue to grow we need to show our appreciation and lead them to believe that there is a great career within our organizations

This year I visited Bangladesh and spent a great deal of time with them in the offices chatting about our clients and services. We also had rented a full resort to have fun and relax for a day. Here are some photos from my trip to Bangladesh.

Full Team
Intor top alpona

Great memories from the trip

Trip started with a great warm welcome reception from the CSM BD team. There were several new team members and it was great meeting some of the old team members as well. This team focuses on content and link building needs to optimize our client sites for the search engines.

CSM BD team photo
CSM BD girls in the dinner party

Next visited the American Best IT team (ABIT) in Mohakhali DOHS. Also got a chance to take the entire team out to dinner and had a great time with the team. ABIT does all of our web site development and fancy front-end work. We have a very specialized team that make sure our sites look and perform at the highest level. Very proud of our CEO, Zakaria, for building a team oozing with great talent.

ABIT team group photo Old team photo of ABIT.
ABIT team dinner Took the entire team out to dinner

Following day visited the PIISTECH and iEatery teams. Also had a nice dinner with the teams at Kachchi Bhai.

AB IT team group photo American Best IT team