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Weekend in Upstate New York

This past weekend, November 1st, I went to Florence, NY with several guys at work. We went to the Crooked Cabin which is owned and built by Ed Cannelli, who took me clamming for clam chowder contest a year ago in freezing cold weather. This year he invited me to his cabin... now that's a cool dude :) Thanks Eddy!

So here are some pictures from the trip:

The journey begins with Ron, Ed's brother, picking me up at 8:30am from my mansion and head north on Route 8.
Beautiful Connecticut
Beautiful Connecticut... can't beat the orange and red mountain views... absolutely gorgeous.

Bridge on our way to NY
I'm not sure which bridge is this... but it's pretty
Looking down from bridge 

Meeting Jeff, Chad and Todd in the middle of the jouney
After an hour or so driving, Ron and I stop for gas. When we got back on the freeway, there we spot Jeff's truck. Jeff is on of our basement finishing salesman. With him is Chad and Todd in the backseat of the truck who are also sales guys for Connecticut Basement Systems.

View of a valley
Ahhh, what a view... these pictures don't do these views any justice... they look so much better when you are there...
great valley view

Chad getting ready to sage everybody
Once we made it to the dirt road, Chad gets ready to Sage us. Chad is part Cherokee Indian, so naturally he is very spiritual and into nature and stuff... So he performed this ritual called saging which suppose to get rid of all evils or bad spirits from us and clear our mind to invite good spirits. This is was very nice and different experience.
Chad saged Ron
Ron getting Saged! It's pretty nice... he uses the turkey feathers instead of his hands because the feathers are more pure and won't pass any bad spirits through the smoke. The smoke is of WHITE SAGE which I believe is rare and smells very nice.
Chad Saged Evan
Then he Saged me...
Evan getting saged
Ahhhh... breath in and breath out... Clear out all bad spirits...
Chad saged the truck
He also saged the truck for good luck.
Ron saged Chad
And then Rod saged Chad... Ron's doing a pretty good job :)

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