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The Big Hunt

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Okay, Day 2! After a good night of snoaring... there were 8 guys in that cabin... so yea, LOTs of snoaring, Jack decides to get his gun out to play.

We didn't go hunting... lol I just like to think we went hunting. There were no animals harmed during our trip. (mainly cause we couldn't get to any).

Ron getting ready to go hunt
Ron starts his morning by getting on the quad with his B.B. Gun. On a mission to shoot down some small animals..  but then, Jack comes out with the big toy. Chad sets up a target about 90 yards away for us to shoot at.
Rifle and Bullets
Now, this rifle is LOUD! And I don't think I was ever present when a rifle was fired so, to me, this is all new. I'm like "COOOOOOOL!"

Jack fires a couple of rounds and then he lets Chad go at it for couple of shots.
Jack shows Chad how to shoot that thing
After Chad, Todd wants a wack at it, so he fires a couple.
Todd takes a shot as Jack is watching
Then I get chance to fire the gun. I WAS EXCITED!!!!! lol, I'm shooting a GUN... a REAL ONE! I give the camera to Todd and say "Dude, take a picture first", lol
Evan shooting rifle as Chad and Jack watches
That target looks so far away...
Target so far
Then of course, we verify our kills. We are all pointing at our target.
Chad Pointing at Bullet Hole
Evan Pointing at Bullet Hole
I shot off target but, I still hit the white paper, lol. Not bad for first time :) I kept my bullet shell as a souvenier.
Todd Pointing at Bullet Hole
Those bullets all went through the wood into the ground.
Bullet through wood